Johnny Depp

I was sitting in my apartment watching 21 Jumpstreet and my friend Travis texted me to tell me that Johnny Depp did a voice on a Spongebob DVD coming out in March. So I figured I'd revisit my list of to see Johnny Films

Private Resort
Arizona Dream
The Brave
The Man who Cried
Before Night Falls
The Libertine
Happily Ever After (Looks like a French film)
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Narrated)

I might check out the Circuit City going out of business, very unlikely to find anything there, but if I did, it would be cheap. Wish me luck!

Apartment Update

The people I work with pitched in and suprised me with a few things they knew I needed for my apartment.

I sign the lease next monday, can start moving in the following monday, and will hopefully finish moving in that weekend.

I am excited and now I have to learn my way around Altamonte Springs, a new adventure!

Anywho, back to my to-do list.
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Drunk Jack

Top Ten Movies

10) A Knight's Tale
9) The Muppet Movie
8) Peter Pan
7) Singin' in the Rain
6) Moulin Rouge
5) Clueless
4) Pretty in Pink
3) Back to the Future
2) Labyrinth
1) Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Still unsure of all the order, but for the most part, fairly correct.

Edit: OK I forgot a Knight's Tale!!!
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Drunk Jack


I haven't exercised since my last dance practice probably sometime in September. I just attempted to here at Angie and Chris's. Well, lets just say after 20 minutes of jumping jacks, squats, and weights, my knees keep locking and shaking when I walk. I did not realize I was this bad. Maybe I really should try to do a little a day until I can build up to a full work out with them. Oh the Well.

Also I thought I was going to get fired today because of the work I had been doing, but I guess my boss does like me, it's hard to tell with the people I work with if they like me or not.

Apartment hunt and Company Christmas party this weekend. It always is good to get dolled up, good for the self-esteem, even if I am going solo.

Sorry if I haven't been posting, just nnot anything to post that I think people would want to read.
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(no subject)

I am mentally. physically, and emotionally tired. I often feel I can not breath after what happen last night. But please everyone, back off Brett. He is in as much stress as I am. On that note, I'm going to go to work and try to make it through the day without a breakdown. A huge and impossible goal.

Before I go to Work

Happy Birthday to Angie and Cheryl!!!

A year ago I moved to Florida, and here I am still! Yay!

The Presidents were awesome last night, I forgot they covered "Video killed the Radio Star"

Work is going to be crazier than usual in more than one way this month.
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